Your career path that led to trading?

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  1. I'm curious what career path and education others on the forum have, and what led you to doing what you do now?
    I'm currently an auditor (of mutual funds and hedge funds). I've always been more interested in investments (not that I hate my job), but the career path is more reliable for accounting (get accounting undergrad degree, get MBA/150 hrs, pass CPA exam, work for public accoutning firm, move to industry and get big raise...). When I picked my major, I wanted to be certain that it would help me find a job and sure enough, I had one long before I graduated.
    Now I'm learning more and more about different complex products/investments and have been finding that I'm not bad at trading some of them. I've been keeping careful track of things for about 1.5-2 years now and the results haven't been perfect but I have surprised myself with how well I've done. I still don't have the confidence or savings to start actually trading, but I'm almost there, I just need more savings before I'll feel ready. I'm curious what situation others are in. Hopefully this is the right forum, otherwise I apologize.

    If you went to college, what did you major in? Did you have trading in mind, or was your major picked based on other things you wanted to pursue at the time?
    For those with no degree, if you could go back in time and finish a degree, would you get one just to have a feeling that you'd be more marketable should you want to or need to find a 9-5 type job?
    What jobs did you do that led to you becoming a trader, and do you invest part-time just to make extra money, or full-time?
    Do you stick to stocks, or use options/futures/currency? And do you feel it's important to become comfortable and somewhat successful trading stock before moving to other areas like options?
    How much did you start with and what kinds of big ups and downs have you been through?
    Did you rely on help from others or learn purely through reading on your own?
    What is the best way (other than posting in the meet-up forum) to find others with the same interest? Do investment groups/clubs usually require you to actually give them money towards trading, or do some just share strategies and insights on trading just to share ideas without actually investing?
    Do you help others invest, or try to avoid it to avoid conflict should things go bad? Have you ever thought of making extra money as a financial advisor in addition to trading?
  2. Please stick with accounting.

    You are competing against guys like me: eating and sleeping financial instruments since very young, multiple quantitative oriented masters degrees etc.
  3. Tim, I appreciate your determination in the biz. I know its you and even though I am about 13 drinks in the hole, I am as sharp as ever :D

  4. haha, thanks for the advice, but I don't plan to trade commodities, Mr. Jones. :p
  5. :D

    Where is Mr. Sykes?? I was a big fan of his. He reminded me of myself when I was younger. The $1 Million part that is..
  6. I was holding onto this stock..... and then I had to go to my AP Calculus class to take an exam. After I came back, I was $11,000 richer and ever since then I was hooked.
  7. I figured since you're one of the richest people in the world, you would just pay someone to teach you calculus rather than actually attend classes.
  8. open


    I don't like his attitude he doesn't seem like a self made man

    but he is right 100%, you are competing against some very savvy people

    people like me, and I will take your money if you ever go into YM
  9. You want to trade? This industry is becoming very technical, get involved and UNDERSTAND the technical side of the business. I promise you technology is the way of the future and those who do not understand it will become dinosaurs in a few years.
  10. Are you the real Tudor Jones?
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