Your Broker Rec. a Trade Newb

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Drognar, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Drognar


    Hi, I'm basically new to Online Trading and I thought I'd ask ET, who is the best for people new to trading? I want a broker who isn't too pricy, but not to skimpy on software. Thanx in advance ET community.
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    I plan on trading basic stocks, no forex, or futures for now. Seriously, reading your immature pathetic post is just aggravating. Yes, I should have used the search function, but that by no means warrants such an idiotic post. Oh and hiding what you wrote really don't help much either.
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    Unless you plan on saying something useful, GTFO this thread. Dumbass troll.
  6. Welcome to ET........Geez o'Pete

    I only trade futures so cant help with a broker rec.
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    At least your not your not to trying to flame/spam/troll me. Eh, I'll just wait patiently.
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    How dare you refer to me as a "Troll", that's Mister Troll to you young man!

    Give IB, "Interactive Brokers" a try.

    If you want fancier charts, try Sierra or Multi Charts, and use IB as a broker.

    The commission and reliability are fine for what you need, @ IB.


    The Troll
  9. Which broker, which software... very common questions.

    Looking back, I am glad I tried many, so I could see the similar features (and how they might be implemented slightly differently).

    However, trying does involve cost (time and money), and I think you have to realize that *any* business has costs. I enjoyed going to trade shows, like the Traders Expo.

    Trading is a business, and there are many ways of doing it - you have to discover! Best of luck to you.
  10. IB has low comissions.

    Open an account on scottrade for the charts.

    Keep all your money at IB.
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