Your biggest %Percentage% winner?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by billsafari, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Lately, with the volatility I'm sure there are some big winners out there.

    My biggest is not really so big. Only 641%

    When I do well in a week I like to take a little extra risk on exp. Normally I trade expiration regardless.

    I've been trading Bidu exclusively( a little GS) for a few months and have a good feel for her.

    On thurs Aug 4(or there abouts) she rallied a tad and bought some puts ( about $3 or 4 OTM) around close. She gapped down the next morning.

    Bought @.17 sold @ 1.26.

    I've never seen options move so fast. Someone sold their puts for 5.20 a few milla seconds before me. They went from 5.20 to .80 in a blink of an eye.

    I was happy with the 641% but I was extremely disappointed I was too slow to capture more. I use TDA, maybe thats my problem.
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    Hey guys what's your most expensive home worth? Mine's not really so much, only $8,000,000.

    Hey guys what's your best time when running the mile? Mine's not really so fast, only 1 minute 31 seconds.

    Hey guys what's the most you've ever squatted? Mine's not really so much, only 2,000 pounds.
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    I made two spikes on TSLA and a few spikes on shorting EK before earnings.
  4. Probably not a good thread considering most on here are chasing nickels or making 50 round trips a day to make two ticks.

    Besides I only had 30 contracts so I didn't make a gazillion dollars. Thats why I asked in % percentage terms and not dollar terms.

    Nevermind people.
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