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    i have been trading stocks and futures for 8 years now off and on. I have been in the futures exclusively the last 8 months and trade everyday. I am intersted in traders with at least 3 years experience day trading and knowing what there best systems are and the lessons they have learned. I have learned many systems and now my system combines ACD/PIVOTS/TRENDLINES Maybe the experienced traders can form a chat room and we can all help each other with our trades.:cool:
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  3. right, about that..
  4. Quote from dirkd:
    TITLE: Your Best Trading System

    ...and knowing what there best systems are and the lessons they have learned...


    I think most traders would say, ummm... you first... You are a complete stranger with 6 posts, so it is hard to prove you are not just a newbie sniffling around for other people's works or logic...

    Ya know what we all mean???
  5. why would a sucessfull trader that worked so hard to get to that point ...would share he's systems...

    unless the trader is stupid or he forgot how hard he had to work for it..

    PS: lazy people they get what they deserve
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    ya i know what you guys are saying. I really don't want to share my system that i've worked 14 hours a day for the last 8 months working on. Thats why i put on a couple things i use. Or the fact that i was trading when the dot comm exploded and i blew my account out. I have gathered lots of knowledge over the years. I've been trading for over 8 years and am i the best trader?No. How many people here can say they are an amazing trader and don't have something to learn from other experienced traders. I am definetely no newbie. but i understand what you guys are saying. What i am proposing is we set up an experienced traders room and share our pooled knowledge. I'm thinking less than 5 people. And you are right we do have to make sure the traders aren't noobs but i'm sure we can think of something collectively as a prescreen.
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    and as for neveragain, how do u know im lazy?? dont make ignorant remarks. You assume and we all know never assume because it makes an ass out of u and me. I guarantee i spend more time trading than you do. all im trying to do is get a bunch of experienced traders that want to have some other traders to go over there ideas and trades with. I don't know any trader that always makes $$$. And if your the first trader well i propose we give you a Big Cookie for being the best!:D
  8. LOL, since there are no "systems" - this has always worked for me...

    Trade the opens, scalp GE, watch MOC's, put money in kids / grandkids accounts...go to the local Pub...sleep, get up next morning, repeat....

    On a serious note, don't get caught up trying to develop a "system" - simply learn the proper market mechanics, and trade "with" (not "against") those who make the money.

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    Also the trader with the best system in the world still wont make money if he has no risk management or emotional control. A system is just a tool and it is only as strong as its weakest link. A traders journey encompass not only a trading system but the fight he has with himself or herself everyday. We can take this journey alone or we can have some others going through it as well.
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    Yes, we do have the system. The best system that we found so far is "Figuring It Out By Ourselves". Believe me, the system is a combination of a technique and psychology. If you got a system from somebody else and there is no chemistry between the system and your personality then it is useless. As you already stated below that you were aware of that.

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