your best trade ever/your worst trade ever

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  1. i think this may be interesting to share. no made up stories please

    provide as much detail as you want

    let me begin with myself

    best trade ever: getting lucky by buying a fairly large number of call options on GLD, the gold etf, and selling them for a very large profit a couple of days later. purely speculative trade, not a spread

    worst trade ever: giving away all the profit from the trade above, and incurring a large loss, by trying to do the exactly the same thing, buying call options on GLD, a second time, a couple of days later after the best trade ever

    Varima Garch
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    Worst trade: I was on an intra-day trade, long, in American Home Mortgage Corp. Was holding it for maybe 5 minutes. Got halted, declared bankruptcy. Lost 12K.

    Best trade: Puts on RIMM early to mid February, bought the day before the huge gap down...netted 15K.
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  5. Best trade : My first live trade was a success, the plan worked well and closed the day with a 35 pip profit.

    I had no worst trade experienced.
  6. best was buying a basket of financials and a few ES contracts on the Fed's surprise 50 basis point cut on Sept.18, 2007.

    worst was buying a bunch of ES contracts, i think spring 2004, on what was quite upbeat news for all economic indicators given every first friday of the month, 8:30. i just couldn't figure out how such good news could be bad for the market, thus i waited...and waited...and waited...and with each contract's point at $50 and dropping fast...watching CNBC, "oh, so they wanted bad news so the fed will not feel at liberty to raise rates...shit, f*$%, arghhhhhh!!"
    chalk it up to a little/lot more tuition expense for my daytrading education:D