Your bank is a criminal organization, after 17 years of doing business my bank cheats

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  1. Saddam or guys like Ahmedinajad are far away, chances are I will never be close to them.

    But a block away is my bank, Royal Bank of Canada. These bastards are criminals of the highest order. After 17 years of doing business with them and paying all kinds of card and other fees.

    Company called Telus tries to deduct 14 dollars from my new checking account and I didn't yet put any money in it.

    As a result my bank charges me 50 dollar FEE. Why is my bank punishing me with a fee? the loser here is Telus, they didn't get their money, Telus Co should punish me not my Bank.

    This is a criminal organization, Banks are run by the highest order of criminals that ever walked the earth. :mad:
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    The only intelligent life inside the walls of most banks is the embezzlers..
  3. bankers and their upper managers are sitting in their office thinking
    what a beautiful morning, now how can I screw our clients with more fees. How can I set up a system so my fees are justified.

    These bankers are cancer of our society. I wish them ill, by god I wish them great ill. :mad:
  4. those things happen so frequently, it's like you have to put aside $200 every month for unexpected or hidden fees

    i guess towing companies are criminal organizations too, my car got towed 2 days ago for no reason, I went shopping after an hour or two when I came back they had towed my car, when I called the towing company they said someone saw you leave the shopping area, even though I never had, I had to pay $150 to get my car back

    the system is such that (legal fees are high and the process is so time consuming) it's not worth fighting to get your money back, unless you're talking something over $10K
  5. as more of my days pass, as years pass, I am understanding people who go "postal" more and more
  6. You must really hate them if you created a new username just for that!
  7. I feel cheated, that is something you can understand once you open a bank account

    when they do this to 5 million people a year lets say, have you any idea how much money we are talking about
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    I don't understand something here: do you know who Telus is? Are they trying to charge you for a service, or scamming you? Have you told your bank that's a fraudelent transaction? Because if you didn't, from your bank's perspective, this is pretty legit, isn't it? How would they know it's a fraud rather than you overdrawing your account?

  9. Telus is a phone company, perfectly legit company. If telus tried to withdraw money from my account, Telus is the damaged one

    yet my Bank uses that as an excuse to charge a fee, Telus should be charging me a fee for late payment ....not the bank
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    Wait a minute - so, a legitmate company is withdrawing money from your bank legitmately (per your instruction, I'd imagine). You didn't have the money in your account, so the bank charged you an overdraft (which you agreed to when you open the account - it's in your application) - and you call them criminal?

    Telus has a right to charge for the problem. So does your bank. You were trying to pay out of an account where there's a shortfall - an action that has a penalty fee attached to it.

    What kind of an shrill asshole are you?

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