Your average intraday profit per contract in ES?

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  1. McCloud


    What is your average profit per contract?

    I would like to start a poll, although this may have been done before!

    For successful ES "daytraders", I would appreciate if you participate in this poll. This may give us all an idea about different daytrading strategies and holding time that ES daytraders use.

    Please feel free to add any other comments you may have without revealing details of your strategy.

    Thank you!

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  3. I am gonna stop trading ES right away and give all my capital to manage to all those great traders who voted that they are averaging 5-10pts on ES per contract per day... I am in the company of geniuses who are all obviously on the rapid path to superdooper trader status... and here I sit with my crappy little 1-3 point daily average (depending on the month)... :eek:
  4. hey i have been telling you you suk now you know :cool:
  5. But at least I consistently suck, my Brother... :D
  6. hey no argument here :cool:

  7. It gives me a warm feeling inside when Pussy accomodates the entire length of my argument...
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    Nice comeback candle - ex-cel-lent !

  10. 1. I appreciate your (actual) honesty. Anybody else??? LOL

    2. Don't even think about giving your cash to any of those wannabes

    3. Don't kid yourself. You aren't in the company of superdooper traders. You're actually in the company of multi-posting wannabes how've been here for years trying to figure out how it works... At least 95% of ET posters are losers.

    4. 1-3pts per day per contract? Well unless you're undercapitalized, you're making more money than most ppl in the US, not to mention the whole world... Goodonya!

    5. I try to make a minimum of 3pts per day on the ES, a few more on the NQ. On perfect days, I make up to over 10 pts, but that is an exception. 3-6pts is a realistic average goal. That is because I've been agonizing over chart patterns, fibonacci retracements and circles, keltner channels, candles, bars charts, and many more for hours everyday, doing lots of pre-and-during market re-drawing of those special magic pivots to catch larger moves, plus I'm generally scalping a lot. All this combined can give me multiple points.
    Because I trade this way, I tend not to use full contract size (I don't trade 50 contracts on a vague retracement, OK?)

    6. It is actually rather subjective to look at the #of points, since you have to look at that number + your commitment to that trade. If you can capture 8pts - Fine. But if that's only on 20% of your capital, well, might as well go for 2pts on 100%... ?

    7. I am a firm believer that it's not good to trade trade more than 1 contract per 7.5k worth of actual capital (and that's capital, not margin - even less if you're risking more than 2.5pts). So that's my personal defining line. If you've got 75k and you trade 10 contracts, you have a 100% commitment to the trade.

    8. Because if you do, then the haunted day will come where you can't get out for 25pts (i.e. globex shutdown) no matter what you do, which happens to every day trader who's been around for a while. This will then more than likely kill you. Some excellent trader just warned me regarding this very recently...
    Besides, you'll die from stress over time...

    9. Essentially, pussycat : 8pts average per day (160/month) = BS
    Goodonya, candle

    10. Looks like the candle is on the giving side, while the pussy is on the receiving side...

    ~Scientist :cool:

    P.S: These were my 10 points :D
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