Your arms lengthen daily like the edges of a festering table.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KymarFye, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. LOL :D

    kymar have you any comments for us regarding the eating of meat or perhaps physical exercise?
  2. Ever so slightly, you remind me of a staircase falling exotically into a sea of spilled macaroni.
  3. Where it not for the dizzy whiptail ambivalence of your crumbling fleece, I could never contemplate the ways of so many merchant bankers in heat.

  4. Seven donkeys and a concubine cannot compare with the tarnished sheen left in your path of combustion.

  5. WOW...

    now I know where radiohead gets their lyrics from...:D
  6. May you always be as vivid as your hallucinations.

    ack, the walls are melting...and batman is just landed by my feet...too vivid.

    :p nice Kmar
  7. Your raw sensuality flusters me as the dog sneezes into the ventilation fan.
  8. The spark of intelligence in your blinking eyes is not unlike the glow from the teeth of an electrocuted axe-murderess.


    If I were to combine your blood, toes, and hair, it might not be you, but it would be enough for my basic desires.
  9. Flies dance operas to your wisdom.
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