your all being PLAYED

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by killthesunshine, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Know the American people know they are getting the shaft. You won't find to many American outside of NY who like what Paulson is doing.

    Know one but the dead beats are in trouble. And now we get to pay for dumb bankers mistakes.

    This is not the last you will here about this.

  2. Dumb bankers? There's your mistake! They just took control of the entire USA without a shot being fired. Total brilliance.

    JPM and BofA, with the FED who is also owned by the bankers, now have total control of the USA.

    When they start calling the debt, look out!

    Poor americans already pay 50% of their tax dollar to the bankers and their military-corporate complex. Fat no-bid contracts all around!

    Meanwhile tens of millions of americans languish in jail, on food stamps, begging for medicare and medicade, begging for basic needs, being blown up and PTSD'd doing the corporation's grunt work overseas. the banks own their houses too.

    Teach your kids to speak Cantonese or Manrarin if you want a chance at a good job...Communist china is the bankers' next superpower. The recent Olympics was desiged to showcase it.You don't really think that brutal regime became a superpower becuase no one wanted to trade with you?