Your Advice Please on a Noisy Hard Disk

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by stock_punter, Nov 22, 2001.

  1. David I

    David I

    Ok - now that I've got them apart where exactly should I spray the WD40?

    Oh and YES - I did back up my data before doing this. It's on the second drive in the back and to the left.

    Thanks for the help!

    - David
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  2. Before this gets out of hand and someone actually tries it, there is nowhere to spray oil on a hard disk drive. Don't oil your hard drive.

    BTW do you have Otis or Smokey on any of those platters?
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  3. Hallzy


    As the previous replies have stated the chances are that the drive is failing again. There is a handy little adapter you can purchase at most large computer stores that will adapt your laptop HD so that standard IDE cables will fit it makes cloning of your laptop HD very simple but of course you must remove the drive from the laptop. This will work equally well with PowerQuest Drive Copy or Norton Ghost. Good luck
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  4. rally


    Unfortunately this is about to change, most of the big players have announced all their IDE drives will carry a 1year warranty:(
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  5. graeco

    graeco Guest

    Can anyone coment if P4 laptops are noisier than P3 laptops.
    #25     Sep 28, 2002
  6. You can get a new one. Pretty cheap nowadays. I can give you one of my computer which has a 40 GB but shipping is probably not worth it.
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  7. Hallzy


    I have had a few customers complain about the cooling fan on the P-4s there are two types of P-4 processors the P-4M (Mobile) runs cooler takes requires less power and therefore can be cooled adequately by a well designed heatsink. Here is the link to intel for info.

    I would check various Manufacturers to find one without the fan.
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  8. vkoenig


    The problem with IBM IDE drives is they are not built for longer high perfomance tasks. There is a recommendation not to exceed 6 - 8 hours of daily operation (because of cooling problems). This is especially true for the DTLA series.
    If you need high performance with the harddisk running day and night you need a newer SCSI drive with advanced cooling technology.

    There is even a drive fitness test to test how the harddisk performs.

    The recommendation would be to back up everything that is important to you and to choose another harddisk, maybe SCSI with better / newer cooling technology, for example Maxtor or Fujitsu.
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  9. gnome


    Try setting your Power Management to spin down your HD after 3 or 5 minutes and see if it has any important impact. If your trade execution and graphics are operating out of memory, spinning down will be just fine and will likely solve any heat and longevity problems. If your HD needs to spin up at a crucial time, you may not want to wait the 3 seconds or so required.

    I have mine spin down after 3 minutes, and never notice until I start a new program or website.
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