Your administrator has disabled private messaging.

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Qbit, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Qbit


    As the title says, can an administrator pls contact me about why this has happened (have very little activity in the forums) & how is it possible to lever this?
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  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    You will have to participate in the public forums more before your PMs will be enabled. Once you have been established here, your PM ability will be turned on.
  4. Qbit


    ok I understand admins had to take some extreme measures as some people stated sending disgusting things via PM. Sorry to hear this and the site's reaction understandable.

    One kind request though, next time, could you please send a PM to explain what has happened etc?

  5. Qbit


    I understand that what happened was unpleasant, to say the least but I am a member for 1 year now and I just don't like posting a lot, only when I have something worthy to say or when I read something that attracts my interest a lot.

    I fully understand where you come from but with my post-rates, I'll be able to receive messages again in 3.5 yrs, which pretty much means I'll stop using these forums. Turning myself into a spambot is not a viable solution either.

    Could you do some exception for people who have been registered with the site for some time now, never caused problems etc? I understand your position is not pleasant at all and what happened is quite disturbing, yet some people make a post per 1-2 months. If anything, can I access my existing messages?
  6. qbit...

    We have spammers and other trouble makers opening several accounts at once with different ISP's to be used at a later date.

    The fact that you have been here for one year means nothing. Hang in there and participate here and before you know it you will receive PM privledges.

  7. Qbit ....... You don't provide enough content for ET, so there is no reason for ET to provide you with additional services.

  8. Maverick74


    If you are not posting on here, how can you have people to talk to privately through PM? You do not it's not kosher to send people PM's that you have not talked to on the forum before right?
  9. This qbit fella wants the equivalent of a wheel chair ramp. He's probably lawyering up :mad:
  10. For those of you that want to communicate with one another privatley....let me post that if you put your email addresses in your post that bots on the internet will get your email address and you will start getting spam. Don't do it.

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