Your 3 best trading ideas for 2010

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ghost of Cutten, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Let's have 'em boys and girls!
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    I think you mean for 2011 :)

    Trade idea 1

    Accumulate CSCO using a max 20% allocation

    Accumulate Natural Gas using a max 5% allocation

    Accumulate AAPL using a max 20% allocation

    Accumulate JPM using a max 10% allocation

    Accumulate Oil 45% allocation

    Trade idea 2

    Accumulate SPX sell at 1350.

    Trade idea 3

    Accumulate OIL without selling in 2011

    Note: Accumulate = buy on dips as you dollar cost average until you reach your desired percentage.
  3. 1.) Use multiple uncorrelated strategies/set-ups, each with good positive expectancy.
    2.) Keep 100% of capital busy 100% on high(est) probability set ups.
    3.) Trade (or increase/decrease leverage) the equity curve that results from 1.) & 2.)
  4. Oops. Yes, 2011. Better post a new thread.
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    My three best trading ideas: S/R