Younger Gen: This will make you mad!!!!

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  1. $300,00 to $500,000 dollar elderly homes are not wealthy. They are middle class. I don't consider wealthy under 10 million.
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    old people are the scorge of the earth.
  3. Do any of you have elderly parents? If not, when they become old what are you going to do with them........tie a weight around them and throw them off the bridge? I am thankful that people like you do not represent the majority of Americans. You will be old one day and you will reap what you sow, if you even make it that far.
  4. My parents are in their 60s, and even for them, I do not think they will get the care these seniors in the video are getting. The government's finances will collapse before the next 10 years, and these pigs in Florida are stealing from us.
  5. You are right in that regard, we are all going to be in the same boat soon.
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    Medicare is not FREE and if you make over 80 k you pay even more. You MUST pay extra to BlueCross/Blue shield or another supplemental provider to pay what medicare does NOT pay for. Mrdicare does not pay willy nilly for care, ask your favorite Doctor on that one and see what he/she says. hahaha. Medicare is RATIONED as we speak, some services are only partially paid for on a schedule and rejected if off the time frame.

    Also lets admit this: This generation that is retired today paid their dues and deserve every penny they get. The retired generation now gave many many sons and daughters to fight WW11 and save us all from hanging a picture of Hitler and that other loser from japan that ashed everyone to take a sword for "TOJO" and then he saved his own sorry ass after the troops lost the war to ours and the allies terrific youth (the retired you are upset about). The retired generation today were workers with gusto and brave to fight corporate greed by joining unions and getting a decent days pay for a decent days work. Todays retired persons fought for healthcare for their children, they fought for retirement bennies, they fought for better working conditions, they looked the boss, the owners in the eye and told them , we get decent pay or we shut this shithole down, the owners blinked because they knew they were not paying the workers for all their efforts.

    I could go on and on but to put it in a nutshell: Todays youth screwed thenselves by letting the corporations run over them and allowing unions to be busted, by allowing healthcare to be taken away without a fight. Todays youth as workers are wussies and if they do not like the older generation enjoying the fruits of their labor and efforts well thats just tough shit.

    Todays youth complaining about retired people should be more worried about how they are being screwed by the fat cats instead of complaining about the "GREATEST GENERATION" in retirement now. Todays youth threw in the towel to the crooks a couple decades age, now they say such things as: we will not get what the older generation get now. NO SHIT!!!! You will not get anything unless you chumps fight for it like your parents and grandparents did.
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    PS: ALL those on social security receive this month $250.00 check from the Obama stim program. Kind of a payback for voting for him. :D

    Ok, back to exciting Formula 1 race in Spain...........wish i was there. I plan on going to Monte Carlo before i check out to the BIG Union negotiation in the sky in 20 or more years. Teamsters heaven. :) :cool:
  8. Business and economic degree used to require collective bargaining course. I never was a big union man, but the demise of small business in conjunction with unionism has not bode well. Maybe this is what bush the greater meant when he proclaimed a new world order. Yeah, a new world order for their sorry ass.
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