Young, qualified and unemployed, Spanish protesters express anger at economic pligh

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  1. MADRID // Sara Lopez Martin is well-qualified. She holds a PhD in political science from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain's most prestigious educational institution. She has specialised in legal issues affecting social movements, and she has co-founded an internet service provider. She is 31 years old.

    Despite her ability and experience, however, Ms Martin has not had a full-time job since January. Before that, she could not find a job that remotely fit her hard-earned qualifications.

    Because she was previously employed, she still receives €400 (Dh2,100) a month in unemployment benefits but she is eligible for only two more months.

    "I sent out thousands of CVs. I would have preferred to work at the university but there has been a hiring stop since 2005. I applied for jobs at companies, in marketing, as a secretary, anything. In the end, I took jobs at burger places and my last one was for a pizza delivery service. But even those jobs I cannot get anymore," she said while staffing a legal-aid booth at an encampment of protesters in Madrid's Puerta del Sol square.

    Ms Martin does not expect miracles from the protests in Spain. But she is hopeful that young people will now at least undertake a conversation about how to shape their collective future. "Nobody here used to talk about politics," she said.

    The protesters in Madrid and elsewhere in Spain, who have occupied squares in a way that faintly echoes Egypt's Tahrir square, call themselves "indignados" - the angry. Yet their fury is mostly contained and is aimed at economic, social and political problems, rather than at one leader or one party.
  2. Too many people on the planet.

    Too much cheap labor in Chindia.

    That's the way it is... will not change.
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    Yep you are right, I was in the same situation PhD(Physics), sent out thousands of CV's nothing, eventually I got a job in banking, now I trade my own capital. I am 47.

    We had better get used to it, persistent unemployment. Until we get over the bulge and the population drops to sustainable levels.
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    Go to London, take the Underground and chances are the young people next to you (20-30 age group) will be speaking Spanish.

    Go 1-2 years back in time and you'd go a month or 2 without hearing the language.

    London is still very much boom town so it's not surprising.
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    too much socialism.
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    russian and arab money.
    the poles are going back home.
  7. why doesn´t she start her own business instead of complaining?
  8. Though you didn't end up in a career of your schooling (me too), at least you pursued an education which helped to get your brain working well for trading... can't say that for all degrees.
  9. These days, "start your own business" rolls off the tongue so glibly.

    Most "start your own" businesses don't work out well.
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    that lady in spain said it but did she realize why? they never cared about politics because they gave into the socialism and let other forces elect their leaders until now it's too late.

    same thing happening here in the U.S. California is prime example of what the rest of the country will become, and CA is only in the first stage before it gets worse!
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