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  1. Let's say you were 18 and you inherited a large sum of money <$50K what would you do in terms of money management ?
  2. Save it, don't blow it on a fancy car or electronic toys. I wouldn't go throwing it around in the market either unless you know what you are doing or have someone who does. Park it for a bit in something that will get a secure, decent return and don't make any fast decisions otherwise Poof! It could be gone sooner than you think. This will allow time to think through all options and the best use for the cash. At 18 it could pay for college, save for a down payment towards a house in a few years, etc

    It's a nice chunk of change but certainly not life changing and I wouldn't think it would require substantial management.
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    It all depends on your knowledge of the markets. I started trading at 18, gained some $$ before losing more and finally gaining now (I am 21) more regularly.
    Anyway, you have to diversify. If you want to open a trading account, you can start with less than $10000.
  4. and tax wise
  5. my mom wants to setup a trust fund
  6. If the money wasn't given to you in a trust fund what would the purpose of this be? Take it and think about what is the biggest priority at the moment. In any case, you can take this generous gift and make it larger than what you received by making good, well planned decisions.

    Just don't do what a friend of mine did. He received about $50K from his grandfather that passed away. In less than a year he had it all - a new HDTV, new high end video camera, a nice computer, car and that was the end of it. The TV is now outdated, the computer needing to be replaced and video camera was never used more than once. Also pissed away a lot on booze and girls because it was more than he ever had. Party's over now.
  7. im responsible hehe no spending on worthless crap
  8. If your serious. I trade and manage money for a living, and can give you ideas of where to park it. Don't worry not going to sell you anything..LOL In all seriousness though, for a sum of value you mentioned, I would just put it in a high yield savings account. You could also create a diversified income producing bond portfolio out of it. Unless you take an aggressive stance though, your returns probably won't beat real inflation by much, but your principle will be there for when your mature and ready to go for it.

    Good luck.
  9. Save it. Don't spend it. Bank CD's and money market funds are secure investments.

    How you use this money depends on what you want to do with your life. This money can help you do lots of things. It can help you buy a house if you want to own a house. It can also pay for school if you want to have a career. Do you know what you want to do with your life? It is OK to work different jobs for a few years and learn about various occupations.

    Looking back, I wish I started my IRA at a younger age. That IRA money can really grow over the years.
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    a large sum of money would be 50 million... this is not a large sum of money so please put all of it away without so much as spending a dime on anything...peace
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