Young Men & The will to work

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  1. I got laid off from my job in January, its tough, I decided to go back to school to finish off my diploma.

    Llooking all around me in Canada, young men who don't have any desire to work or either go back to school. When speaking to a lot of men about this, they say the same thing; "We can't get a job or women have taken over."

    Do you guys feel this is sort of an accurate statment? When I come to think of it, it is partially true, more and more women are entering fields that were dominated by men, boys are not encouraged in schools, and its led to a disenchantement with a lot of them.
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    you need to listen to 'YMCA' more.
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    dating back to neanderthals men provided for the family while women tended to the house - it's a proven method that works best. wtf are women doing in the workplace? are they serious?
  4. Women have taken over? I've never heard that haha. I don't know about boys being less encouraged in school either. What's the goal there?
  5. Amen. Speaking like a true conservative.
  6. Total BS. YOU are responsible for yourself. YOU either start a business or get yourself educated such that you become valuable enough for someone to hire.

    Either that, or you compete for the lowest common denominator jobs and pay... can't imagine being sanguine with that.
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    I became a trader to avoid having to deal with women in the workplace. They are all out with something to prove, an ax to grind if you will.

    They get quite bitchy and power hungry in corporate environments. Thankfully, as traders we don't have to deal with them.
  8. I'm not young but I am a man and will comment anyway.

    You're right about many fields becoming increasingly dominated by women. 50 years ago, many fields were dominated by white guys. Today fields such as realty and medicine are dominated by women.

    Veterinary medicine is particularly female (around 97%). (Nursing and education have traditionally been female dominated fields.) This is both a problem and an opportunity for men. The gender imbalance in veterinary medicine is so acute that it's easier for men to get into vet school and there's more scholarship money for them. This is true in the nursing field as well.

    This gender imbalance is very noticeable in colleges as well. The typical gender ratio in colleges (at least in the US) is 60/40 M/F.

    Where are the young men? What are they doing?

    I've heard in the news that the recession has particularly hit men in terms of jobs losses. The recession has hit industries such as construction that are bastions of male dominated employment.

    A side note: my daughter is a nursing student. I am absolutely happy with this. She will have one of the most portable, lucrative and secure jobs you can imagine. Thing is, you have to want to be in medicine. That's a problem for many people.

    Food for thought anyway.
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    survival of the fittest bro. i'm sorry you can't compete. don't blame it on women
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    Your friends sound like complete pussies. If you think you aren't able to not only compete but dominate these women (or other men for that matter), then you're probably not the right guy for the job anyway.

    Grow a pair my friend. I guess the complete feminization of Socialist Europe and Canada has arrived.

    Unfortunately the US is only about 10-20 years behind.
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