Young Liberals : Why?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by shark, Dec 19, 2008.

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    I go to high school, and it seems that literally everybody there is crazy over Obama. Sometimes it seems like they don't even care about his policies. It's just trendy to support him. Are the T-shirts with Obama's face in gold and blue really necessary? Do the words "change" and "hope" really mean anything. What's with "yes we can!"

    I really don't know. A large block of his supporters seem like a cult.

  2. Thats because you are smarter than your peers, or at the very least, more logical. You require information about why things are they way they are and dont just go with the flow because everyone is telling you to.

    There is a reason that the top 10% of the population controls 90% of the wealth and the bottom 90% only controls 10% of the wealth. The top 10% use logic and just dont go with what everyone says, they listen to whats said and make judgements for themselves.

    I'm not saying Obama is going to be a bad president, im just saying he has done NOTHING to warrent the kind of following he has. In fact the only this he has done for the economy is greatly increase t-shirt sales (with his face on the shirts)
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    Because he's like the ANTI BUSH, thats all anyone cares about. Just like people voted for Bush because he was the ANTI CLINTON and well, we see how that turned out. So everyone is hyped because the Republicans are shit out of luck and out of power. WHO WOULDNT BE EXCITED??

    Oh and cult? Sorta like Evangelical Christians? LMFAO. At least they believe in Obama and not some magical man somewhere far off, that's a cult.

    YES WE CAN! Wow, sounds like OPTIMISM, something desperately missing for the past 8 years.

    YES WE CAN! Much better then, WHO WE GONNA BOMB NEXT?

    Hmmmm Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Palin, McCain, out of sight out of mind....

    Why are people so happy about Obama? LOL and they guy below you was posting about your intelligence? wow.
  4. You are a very smart young man. What is dumb though, is that the older people who voted for him didn't realize they were part of a cult movement. They should of known better, but their minds were being hoodwinked and bamboozled.
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    It's the "sheeple" or herd mentality.

  6. *Your* logic is incorrect. Most of the 10% of the people who control 90% of the wealth came to it by inheritance. Do you really think Paris Hilton did anything of note to "earn" her fortune? Or the heirs of Sam Walton? No, they won the ovarian lottery. Don't forget the richest guy in the world is a Liberal (Warren Buffett)

    To the OP: its best at your stage in life to not make any commitments, liberal or conservative, but do as much research as you can and keep an open mind. Now is not the time to blindly follow a philosophy because, honestly, you don't have enough experience or information to make an informed decision. Young folks gravitated toward Obama because they didn't relate to his opponent, wanted any kind of change from the current path, and quite frankly, Obama was the "cooler" candidate to be associated with. Lets let him actually become President first before we judge him one way or another.
  7. Obama is the natural result of a society that is intoxicated by celebrity worship. His most important endorsement? Oprah clearly.

    Cult members seldom are aware they have been brainwashed. They typically look down on outsiders who lack their own "insight."

    Most people desperately want to be accepted and part of the "group." There are few rewards for being independent or sticking out, either in high school or in life. The way to get ahead is to go along as part of the flow. This phenomenon gives the media its power. They can create the impression of consensus. "Everybody" supports this guy. He is "great." His election will bring about "change."

    If you are truly an independent thinker, prepare to go through life feeling like the guy in that sci-fi movie who had special glasses that allowed him to see space aliens disguised as humans.
  8. A potentially very harmful.. even dangerous cult it is.

    I would encourage you and everyone to spend a little time reading up on American history and American leaders from around the time of the Revolution.

    To see how far we've fallen... and not just Bush, others too... will leave you sickened.
  9. go long charisma ...

    look for the top ...
  10. People vote for the wrong reasons.

    If the trend of people voting for the wrong reasons continues than this country will screw itself.

    Just look at Chicago.
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