young earth creationists. how does your mind work?

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  1. young earth creationists. how does your mind work? when you see data like this showing galaxies a billion years away how do you rationalize your belief that the universe is only 6000 years old?

    Hubble eXtreme Deep Field - Farthest Ever View of the Universe. Hubble goes to the eXtreme to assemble farthest ever view of the Universe. Hubble eXtreme Deep Field (XDF) pushes back the frontiers of time and space.

    This video explains how astronomers meticulously assembled mankind's deepest view of the universe from combining Hubble Space Telescope exposures taken over the past decade. Guest scientists are Dr. Garth Illingworth and Dr. Marc Postman.

    This scientific visualization depicts a flight through the galaxies in the Hubble eXtreme Deep Field (XDF). Using measured and estimated distances for approximately three thousand galaxies, astronomers and visualizers constructed a three-dimensional model of the XDF galaxy distribution. The camera traverses more than thirteen billion light-years of space. For cinematic reasons, the exceedingly vast distances in the 3D model have been greatly compressed.
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    Rarely, and not particularly well.
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    now... I believe there was a big bang. And that the observation of the background radiation reveals an incredibly fine tuned universe. (see penrose below)

    but please don't act like there may be no other possible explanations.

    For instance... what if light were not a constant?
    A trader, an intellectual, a smart person, always understands how their beliefs could be invalidated.

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  4. are you looking for ways to validate a losing position? you are long belief in the bible stories but the evidence keeps pointing down for your position.
  5. "Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings"

    - Victor J. Stenger, author of The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning: Why the Universe Is Not Designed for Us
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    many if not most atheist scientists admit the universe appears fine tuned.

    even hawking, susskind, weinberg etc.. ...

    now most answer the appearance of fine tuning by speculating there is a multiverse. But, to most scientists our universe appears fine tuned.

    but this is off point...

    my point... is that there may be other explanations for why our universe appears to be billions of years old. I believe in the big bang... but some scientists did not until the discovery or confirmation of the background radiation.

    For instance until then some scientists argued the universe was always there.
    so a new observation could change things.

    For instance what if the speed of light was slowing down.
  7. The notion of the multiverse was not conjured as an answer to the appearance of fine tuning and the implication drawn by some that the appearance of fine tuning is evidence of an intelligent creator. The multiverse theory is implied by the math of physics, according to Brian Greene.

    It could be that the constants of the fundamental forces are the only ones that could be instantiated.

    It is possible that a universe with different constants could produce a radically different form of life and intelligence.

    It could be that God drew up the blueprint and set forth the universe. But if he did, most evidence indicates it is much older than 6000 years.
  8. too funny you are the only idiot that know of that believes this.:D :cool:
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    the multiverse theory as we are discussing is conjecture based on string theory calculations made by a person named polchinsky at Stanford. He used string theory to calculate the possible solutions for the big bang.

    Susskind took those 10 to the 500 solutions and speculated they could all be real "universes" or separate areas of one big verse.

    Possible solutions to equations... do not imply they are real.
    It is pure conjecture there are alternate universes.
  10. That's right! YEC's actually believe it's ten thousand.

    An auxiliary question might be, why do about half the people in the US not believe in evolution? I'm not sure ignorance fully explains it.
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