Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Nov 22, 2010.

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  2. Thank you George Bush, Homeland Security and Republican A-holes!
  3. Lucrum


    Don't forget Mr. Hope and Change. TSA has gotten MORE intrusive since Dumbo took office.
  4. and Obama signs Patriot Act extension without reforms.

    I guess he's an A-hole as well...
  5. Comon, it's the same politician... Outside of healthcare, they have the same policies...

    If you give Bush a tan and a teleprompter, you have Obama.

  6. Hello


    While i agree that they are basically both big spending morons who dont give a shit about peoples rights, Obama would have went drastically further left if he would have had the votes for his agenda, there is no way bush would have ever signed cap and trade into law, plus there was talk about limiting CEO salaries, and Obamas desire to soak the rich to pay for entitlements. So there is still lots of differences.

    With that said basically every politician has become a pig using taxpayer money to buy votes so they can give themselves more power.

  7. Lucrum


    ...and big ears
  8. Well, that was my point. I needed the sarcastic font...
  9. Yah, I agree the rhetoric has been different, but actual policy??? Not very different, other than health care of course. I can't think of much that has been different. Bailouts, corporate welfare, wars, gitmo, open border policy, de facto amnesty... I guess you have a point w/cap and trade, but it's not law yet, and that bill seems a bit nebulous too...

  10. I guess that explains where z10 has been these last few months.
    #10     Nov 22, 2010