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    I am new to the site and just starting to get into active trading. Any suggestions or tips would be helpful. Also, and books, sites, seminars, ect. that I should maybe take a look at would be appriciated.

  2. there are book reviews, broker reviews, software reviews above (green line at top of page).

    Seriously, if you want to learn how to trade, spend a LOT of time reading previous posts aimed at newer traders, stay away from "trading advisor newsletter/websites/etc, avoid classic TA/Fibnoacci/Gann/Elliott Wave, ask a lot of questions, be in no rush, be humble, and stay away from anything by Jack Hershey.
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    Actually, if you want to learn how to trade, spend a LOT of time trading and stay away from these forums altogether.

    All of the failed journals in the journals section are testament to the fact that there are very few, if any, profitable traders on this forum. Profitable traders simply won't share their strategy with you. These boards don't serve much of a purpose beyond advertising and mental masturbation.
  4. Educate yourself first before trading. Lots of good books out there, simulated trading software and sim accounts. Find a good mentor and become protege so to speak. Have a trading plan in place prior to plunking down your money. Trade magazines such as Futures or SFO help you keep up with current events.
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    Sounds like the title to a day time soap opera.

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  7. The Ironman triathlon was on NBC today...

    It's always crazy because these people have insane stories often about what drove them to get to be Ironman athletes and remember they had to qualify to get to Hawaii! Some of these guys have no legs, or are pushing their passengers (maybe a disabled family member) and they are doing it while 99.999999% of us watches at home... In this guys case, wondering what someone can do to help them be young and ambitious...

    Figure out what it takes to qualify, put in the time... and then come back and ask yourself you are fit for real full time trading..

    And having done endurance sports... it takes about 5 years to get to an elite level assuming you have some serious motivation and ability.. so far trading is taking longer than that and there is no short cut...

    But don't ask anyone here, they'll tell you what I just told you, albeit in a more blunt fashion.

    Good Luck!
  8. [​IMG]

    This is an amazing book. I have read many times and each time I learn something new. Concepts and strategies that I thought were obsoleted or unrelated turn out to be the hidden gems.

    I am still learning, but I believe reading this book is a good start.
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    Everyone is ambitious by the very nature of the business. Young doesnt matter. Your just another bait fish in the ocean and the sharks are waiting to feed. With that being said, not all bait fish get eaten. All are hunted though. Your not going to make a million bucks tom., the next day or the next year. Survive while your learning and stay humble.
  10. I was in the same position about a year ago, and really about the only thing I've learned is to try really hard not to kid yourself.
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