You would be a "fool" not to get it like apple! (facebook ipo)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, May 18, 2012.

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    Watch what the lady says 57 seconds in, she thinks you would be a fool not to get it like apple, hmmmmm, really. A fool, I guess she doesnt know much about for the next guy in the clip at 1:03 in, now he is a genius, I have been saying the same thing, what do they produce?? They produce nothing at all. This company is overvalued at $100 billion, of course it might take off from $38 a share but in the long run I see this company trading a lot lower, there is just way too much hype, once people start leaving facebook, which they will, this stock is going to lose half its value very quickly. Maybe not tomorrow or next year but it will happen.

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  2. S2007S


    Who are the fools now?

    And lost half its value it did....

    Who is buying facebook shares now, seems everyone wanted shares at 40+ how come no takers at $20, maybe they are waiting for something under $5.00
  3. Great call
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    Good call bro!
  5. Good call. I'm calling a single digit stock.