You work with China, why not Cuba

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are republicans hypocrites

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  1. You really believe some Nixonites didn't get in on the action in China in one way or the other immediately? Especially in the areas of computers and armaments? NIXON NEVER DID ANYTHING ABOVE BOARD IN HIS LIFE and you think this was the exception? Did the damn McCarthyite just suddenly go commie soft? Right. Wanna buy some seasonal oil options? Or possibly help the guy from Ghana with his banking issues?
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  2. I never argue against suspicions of conspiracy. How can I? I mostly agreed with you, just pointing out a minor difference.

    Never mind.:)
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  3. It is really quite simple. China has been increasingly open to international investors. Despite being a communist country, they have created a successful pro-business environment. The government seems eager to accomodate international businesses. Cuba, on the other hand, is an absolute shithole. It is ran by an unstable dictator who makes irrational decisions based on whims. Because of this, a country and a people have suffered for several decades. The infrastructure has deteriorated and no one wants to invest any effort in rebuilding the country due to Castro being a crazy bastard. When Castro is gone, perhaps Cuba will see an influx of outside investments and business. Business ties between the U.S. and Cuba can be reestablished. Either way, when he is gone the people will be much better off.
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  4. I wasn't trying to be an asshole about that, I appreciate your input anytime. They are just suspicions at this point BUT am 100% convinced they could be confirmed with a little leg work.
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  5. Before I reply to the post as a whole, I want to ask you with everything you have stated about China, why does Canada do business with them?

    The first thing I want to address is your statement that the U.S. allows this practice because a few wealthy in this country benefit from the relationship. I agree with you that this is part of the reason. This isn't the only reason though. There are obviously economic implications for the citizens of this country as well.

    With what you have said about China, do you believe that the citizens as a whole are living better because of this relationship? I doubt it. So I wonder how the embargo being lifted will actually benefit the citizens of Cuba. According to liberals in this country, Cuba has a better education system than us and a lower infant mortality rate alluding to better healthcare than we have. So where will this influx of new money go to. The citizens? The Chinese don't give it to their people, so why would we believe that the Cuban government will give it to their people?

    The biggest opponents of lifting the trade embargo on Cuba are Cuban-Americans. Why do you think that is? I would venture a guess that the reason has to do with the fact that they do not want to see more money going into Fidel Castro's hands.

    The option of not doing business with China for the same reasons does not exist for the U.S. at this point economically. The U.S. citizenry does not want to support dictatorial regimes, but we don't always have that luxury. Especially if we want to keep the lifestyles we are accustomed to. This may sound a little callous, but if you believe that it is selfish of the U.S., I would refer you back to the question I posed at the beginning of this post with regards to Canada's own business dealings with the Chinese.
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