You work with China, why not Cuba

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are republicans hypocrites

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  1. why are republicans hyprocites. china is a far worse country and bigger threat. Cuba has an army of 60K, china 1.5 million. And china is arming to the teeth. They supply arms to north korea and to your enemies. And you deal with china. so why not cuba. Why are republicans hypocrites.
  2. I have already debunked your nonsense about China in another thread you started. Why don't you continue the debate in the other thread? Why the need to start a new thread?
  3. Pabst


    It was a Democrat who initiated blockades, ended diplomatic relations and enacted trade sanctions with Cuba. Not to mention an inept covert invasion of the country along with an assassination attempt or two on Fidel.

    Obviously, as usual you're clueless.

    Also the Cuban-American community favors a get tough approach to American-Cuban affairs. It's only proper that the voice be heard from those ex-patriots who were forced to flee from the oppression of Castro.
  4. you didnt debunk anything. You didnt reply back to my question. China is a greater threat to the united states. The only reason why china over cuba, is that their is monetary reasons. There is just to much money invested. So you sell out your soul and morals for some greenbacks.

  5. lol no. The last 10 years the republican party has become even more restrictive on cuba. Enacting laws to prevent travel to cuba, or visitation. Democrats want to break down the travel ban. Obviously your clueless.

    And pabst what about the millions of chinese that were forced to flee from comunist china. You just cant admit its all about the money. the usa invested over 200 billion in china. They dont want to lose that investment. and too much trade occurs.


    The future of Canada-China trade relations
    October 18, 2005

    The recent state visit to Canada by Chinese President Hu Jintao was an important event in the new era of Canada-China relations. Seven new bilateral agreements were announced to enhance co-operation in the fields of transportation, railways, nuclear energy research and development, food safety, plant and animal health and reproductive health. These initiatives show a strong mutual commitment to realizing bilateral trade potential, and will go a long way towards realizing Canada's stated objective of doubling the level of its economic exchanges with China by the year 2010.

    Read that last line buddy. Maybe you can explain why the evil Canadians are doing business with China?
  7. Im not saying americans are evil. But hypocritical. And not consistant. Canada is willing to work with china and cuba. No inconsistency. But america embargos cuba based on principals. And cause millions to live in poverty. They wont deal with communists they say. They wont deal with a dictator. But america deals with china. China executes 2000 political prisoners every year. Imprison thousands. Hold hostage tibet. And uses those prisoners as organ banks. And nobody wants to question that practice b/c some very wealthy and influential americans have benefitted from that practice. And only the wealthy can afford the 50-500K price tag depending on the organ. The united states likes to say they do things out of principles and morals. Like *freeing* iraq. But people are smart enought to know america does things out of money and for the interest of your country. You have to admit, your country is very hypocritical. How can they justify embargoing cuba and for what reasons. your entire country wants to work with cuba, but for political reasons your country decides to punish millions. And dont say b/c fidel is bad. You work with china. Mao was 1000 times worse.

  8. Fidel shut the money guys out and Mao gave'em a piece of the action that's pretty simple. Then they send their propaganda ministers (Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.) out to whip up the sheep and give them someone to vilifile. They don't realize that if they don't have a direct personal stake in Cuba or China then they are both the same for all intents and purposes. The "Dittoheads" don't realize that they are being used like Grooms of the Stool. We all deserve a kiss from the republicans, republican voters should insist on one!
  9. I didn't know Mao was still alive. He must be 120 years old now. Damn the Chinese. They don't even die.

    FYI, Mao died in 1976, and US-China had the formal diplomatic relation in 1979. Nixon's visit aside, we never had a real relationship with China until after Mao died and China opened up its political system.
  10. Mao never did. It was Deng after 1979.
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