You won't win

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  1. A 1% advantage over the house means that for each $55,000 wagered, over the long run you will make $550. Or in other words, if you're trading the minis, you're making an average of 11 ES points per contract, for each and every contract traded.

    You have grossly underestimated what a 1% advantage really means.
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  2. STRAW MAN!!! :D FALLACY!!!!!!:p ILLOGICAL!!!! :D ERROR!! haha :p
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  3. DUMBASS!!! MORON!!! RETARD!!!! IMBECILE!!!! :D ERROR!!! haha :p

    You wouldn't know a strawman if it fu**ed you in the ass longshot.

    What a moron. Go back to your booze lil boy.



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  4. ig0r


    damn, you guys are right

    back to the poker tables for me!
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  5. Well said KEEP that attitude it will serve you well ....:D
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