You wonder how some live so long

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    My Dad was getting his house setup with oxygen yesterday and the guy was going through the safety material with us and explainingwhy and so forth. He then asks us if we remember the big fire a few miles away last week. We did and he says that was a lady on oxygen. He had given her the same safety speech, and said she was a retired CPA and seemed pretty smart. Well, maybe not, she decided to light her cigarette with the burner on her gas stove while wearing her oxygen nasal unit. The flame caught the oxygen and fed on it through the tubing back to the compressor which didn't blow up, but popped and sparked which set her couch on fire and then the rest of her house.
    Of course in our society of nothing is our own fault, she immediately blamed the oxygen company. I don't like being mean, but I hope on top of losing her house, she loses her lawsuit and has to pay the oxygen company it's attorney fees. Why, well let's see. Needs oxygen for some reason, but is smoking cigarettes, which I would generally think might cause you to need the oxygen in the 1st place. Sticks her face over her stove and an open flame to light a cigarette, etc, etc, etc.
    Personally if I'm going to be that stupid and risk my life it is going to involve very high speed, or high altitude, and a bit of fun. Not a f***ing cigarette.
  2. Yeah she deserves to lose. Stupidity does not justify winning a lawsuit.