You will be so sorry you don't own Gold. Real gold.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MoscowTD, May 10, 2010.

  1. MoscowTD


    no not paper

    not GLD

    not freaken gold futures

    I am talking the kind you can touch with your hand.

    This entire economic system will collapse come November. Only gold will survive. Nothing else.

    Some of you think gold is in bubble. Don't believe the talking heads.

    Gold is your life jacket and you my friend are on the deck of TITANIC The music is still playing and whiskey is still being served.
  2. I agree with you along with the dozen e-mails I get every day for the last week or so from financial gurus stating the same thing. The only question is whether it is wise for people without gold to chase the market right now given the recent price surge. Will it test all-time highs and pull back again or break out to create new record highs?

    What really impresses me is when someone recommends gold during a deep pullback rather than when it is testing record highs. The discussion about gold died down to a whisper until it broke out of consolidation about a week ago.