`You Will Be Lynched,' Says Egyptian Policeman: First Person

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  2. Egypt is in anarchy. If this thing doesn't settle down in 2 weeks, tough decisions have to be made ... [​IMG]

    Maram Mazen is a sweetheart.
  3. If martial law is imposed and the Generals take over, liberal journalists will count the dead and blame the military. In the case of anarchy, liberal journalists don't count the dead resulting from anarchy, and bitch & complain that no one is assigned to protect them! [​IMG]
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    Petsamo, have you tried doing this to make your images appear instead of a link?

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  5. Martial law HAS been imposd for the past ohooo, I don't know, 30 year?
  6. If that were true, then the Egyptian army has been impotent. The generals are worthless.

    No, I don't believe martial law has been in place since Mubarak. [​IMG]
  7. I've been using the brackets [], then IMG in between. Apparently, either way will do. [​IMG]
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    But I'm not seeing the image in your posts. I just see the link. I use IE8.
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    I'm afraid Shameeh55 is correct. Egypt has been under martial law ever since Sadat was assassinated.
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