You will be living in a Wigwam in 2009

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Garbage Can Ray, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Dow will be buried. I am too drunk to explain my thesis in depth tonight but you can read my other posts from earlier. Set your dominoes up and knock em' down and then ponder the interconnectedness of the global economy. Or u can ask Roubini or Meredith Whitney and then consider that they would never say what they really think in a public forum, because they would be demonized beyond belief...
  2. The kind of collapse you're describing in your drunker stupor would make it so vacant houses would suddenly be occupied by squatters. That's kind of a problem now, but they're evicted by the rule of law currently. Your situation would involve a collapse of social order that would render the rule of law basically moot. There'd be no need to move into a wigwam; just move into a vacant house.
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    what happened in greece? was'nt that due to protest over jobs among other things?
  4. No, something about anarchists. Some anarchist teenager was killed a coupla weeks ago.

    Man, didn't they used to call terrorists "anarchists" back around WW I?