You were buying yesterday, why not now?

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    Today you can hand pick quality stocks for cheaper price and sell it in a week in much better price. Believe me it is not the end of the world. Nothing happened overnight. Yesterday was a sell day and today is a buy day. Buy with caution and only quality stocks.
    Sell naked PUT 19 Sept for INCT and buy Call 20

    Buy ADI, TXN, SMH, and many many quality stocks.
  2. 1) Quality, quality, quality! What constitutes a "high quality" stock?....One that increases in price AFTER you buy it?
    2) ?.......don't you mean "INTC", Intel?
    3) Tech stocks are all highly correlated. "Diversifying" is foolish. :cool:
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    Quality means you trust their earnings and the company and products. Not like penny stocks or speculative stocks. Companies who have solid products that you can see them with your eyes. Not crap. INtel is one of them. Quality stocks also go down but you have hope that they come back.

    I did not mean to diversify. I meant pick one that you like. I like ADI and TXN and SMH at this point but don't limit yourself to these. There are lots of them , like LLTC, ALTR, XLNX,...

    I don't trade AAPl but have you been in their store? The stores are crammed with people. From 3 years to 93 years. Most of their products are all sold out. That is called a freaking quality company.
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    Market is truning back
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    Tomorrow you will ask yourself one of these questions:

    1- Why did I sell? what happened that I sold?
    2- Why didn't I buy?
  6. Hope will break you faster than anything else.
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    Maybe I did not use the right word. Please replace "hope" with "sure with some certainity"
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    that makes it grammatically incorrect.
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    "Sure with some uncertainty". Should fix that :)
  10. man, did you take off your magic oven mitt to fix that?? NEVER, EVER do that again. your luck could change in a blink!

    good luck!
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