You wants some fun trade CEG today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gwac, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. gwac


    Check it out
  2. Classic case of sell first and ask questions later. I grabbed 3 points but could have had 10+ had I found a news release to explain what was happening and didn't bail out early. CEG has a $150M credit line from Lehman but it's small compared to their overall liquidity.
  3. dsq


    I cant gamble/play news like that..and fk it was frustrating watching something move 80 or so points in 90 mins.
    you can frikkin retire off that...almost
  4. cuz69


    I chickened out, couldn't pull the trigger...Damn :(
  5. ha !!!

    i trade capitulation style ..had 5k shares ... scaling in ..went almost 3 points in my face .. ended up getting out with a point ...then it ran 10 more !! oh man !!
  6. just21


    Did you find it with a scanner?
  7. cuz69


    Damn you got balls! I admit I pussied out, and I trade highly volatile stocks regularly. Sat and watched it go from 17 to 32. And I almost went long at 32!
    Thank god because it pulled back to 20 before rallying back to 40.
    I would have got slammed.

    Glad you made a point, I'll stick with my COAL
  8. cuz69


    It was all over CNBC
    At least thats how I found it...must have missed it on my high/lows