you want to feel poor, just look at the prices the get in NYC

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  1. for just about everything.

    Whole foods has achieved perfection in that nearly EVERY item in that store is overpriced. Congrats.

    Food stores charge at least 50% more than items are worth by any rational measure. And that's on sale. 100% more is par.

    I walked into a store that sells ONLY bagels and the price was $1.40 .
    No not for a 1/2 dozen. No smear of cream cheese or coffee. $1 freaking 40 for a stinking bagle. Down the street a 'gourmet' shop was getting 75 cents for the same thing.

    Morons everywhere willing to pay these prices. I refuse to be victimized.
  2. wfmi, sales are UP!!!!!

    morons are UP!!!!!


    Tweedle prefers the Organic Kumquats.
  3. Buy Stocks involved in the Bagel industry and make sure they pay dividends. That way you can hedge against Bagel inflation. Use the dividends to buy Bagels.
  4. WFMI up large on better earnings, projected by me in my post.

    Another realtime winner!