You want next ? I could but It's not worth posting

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  1. so I will stop now. Tchao finally even the market is boring : too easily predictable for me :D

    See you in September if I don't find a new forum.

  2. Have a good summer and please come back with the truth behind the JFK assasination...make it your summer project!

    enjoy the pool!:)
  3. You won't find the answers to your trading problems in any forums.
  4. Oh yeah I forgot I should also enquiry about that hee hee ! I must also finish the pyramid story :D ! I have a new idea: I will create a site for each new inquiry so that I can feed them when I want to without losing the thread and being interrupted by silly snakes. My engineer is building our own html editor because I hate working with those unproductive tools that exist today (like dreamweaver) which makes lose more time coding html than writing your thoughts.

  5. You're right :D.

    I intend to ask that the htmleditor will allow me to post simulatneously on several forums so that I'm not obliged to follow a specific forum.

    On my site we're going to build a realtime order entry and we intend to ask the best traders (I will invite Larry William and other big names) to compete with our Big Yellow the code name of our machine by analogy with Big Blue which has beaten Kasparov at chess. At the beginning I will perhaps be obliged to tune him but what I want is to demonstrate that this market is so predictable that even a silly robot can beat the best traders. Big Blue hasn't beaten Kasparov the first year of competition, perhaps Big Yellow wouldn't also but I think he can do it as soon as the first year if preparation is enough so I won't precipitate thing I prefer to make big surprise straight away. I want to reproduce the astonishing winning strikes of Gann about 395 over 400 I don't remember exactly but this time it will be a robot.

    I like to make the impossible possible. I've already succeded to do so a few times at school it was so amusing to see the face of the professors and others. Life is fun this is the way I make fun. Some people want to climb the pic of Everest this is the same kind of thing for me hee hee :D.

  6. maxpi


    Most of your site is under construcion, you should take the summer off from posting and finish the thing. Just my 2 cents, maybe you really like the site the way it is and after all it is your site.

  7. Have a great summer Harry.

    Thrill us with new unknowns and unfathomables when you return.
  8. Perhaps I will be abducted by the ET after the insane posts I made I will tell you if it happens :D

  9. I have already next research theme in preparation in 2 years: the casino games hee hee ! I think in 2 years I will have finished everything with trading so I will rather let people trade for me and look at something else.

    I'm not sure I will have something new to discover. Generally I will explore the stuffs if I don't see something interesting I just give up (like cutting a loss hee hee).

    I know absolutly nothing of casino games as in futures trading because I went there because a crook conducted to do so and because before trading futures I have nearly never bought a single stock (as well as a lotto bill) hee hee. I think it's an advantage because when you are new to a domain you don't have preconceived false ideas. The guy who discovered Camarilla is saying same kind of thing I agree with him. Camarilla is rather too simplist compared to my equations nevertheless the discovery idea behind is not so evident. But numerically It is rather easy to reconstitute it and I have given clue to do so.
  10. I'm not a coder so It won't change many things hee hee ! I have limited human ressources: it's my engineer or one of my associate that can only advance the site. From time to time I just do something but it is limited. We have other backoffice stuffs to do which are much more important and other activities also and vacation is coming: perhaps I will close the site for the summer since we will change the hosting service.

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