You want him, you got him

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tman, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. tman


    people of means, it's time to retrench
  2. We now offically plunge into a time of Socialism
  3. Plunge from where? The current administration already nationalized most of the good stuff.

  4. clacy


    I pray that he governs better than Bush (who I voted for). I really don't know that McCain would have been any better, economically.

    If anything, hopefully this will help us burn down the house and rebuild, so to speak.

    I do think that Obama has set himself up for disappointment, as he's set very high and unrealistic expectations.

    He cannot deliver all of the "free stuff" without running up much higher debt or raising taxes on far more than <95%
  5. karol88


    now, I'm seriously thinking about moving back to Europe...this country won't be the same 2-3 years from now
  6. Do we start calling each other COMRADE now or can we wait until the inauguration?

    Where do I sign up for the free gas and mortgage payments ?

    Sure is going to be an interesting four years.
  7. karol88


    mortgage? what mortgage? you will all be paying rent soon...all property government owned :)
  8. I need a payphone. The president just rob my truck! You F-in believe that sh!t.
  9. toc


    Time of talking is done, now the time of doing is in cards.

    US is resilient, keep the faith high.
  10. Dudes, for a second I wanted to bang michelle obama. Weird.
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