You vs the Market Maker

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sky123987, May 28, 2008.

  1. What information does the Market Maker have that you don't have access to?

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    there are a lot of posts on et about market makers waiting to pick them off,market makers see firm orders come into the pit and watch the broker work them,raising or lowering or cxling his bid or offer annd sometimes several firms buying or selling on one side of the mrkt,this gives him a clue of where the big money is playing,he is more vulnerable than us because he has to make a mrkt, we can sit and watch,he is not worried about 1,2 and 5 lots. The market makers feed off of each other for mrkt direction and trade mostly by feel and tape watching
  3. Thanks for the response, I wasn't aware that on nasdaq there is any "trading floor" never knew there was a pit
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    market makers used to denote cboe option trders,locals were the cbot and merc tradrs and specialists were the nyse stock brokers