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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jtnet, Aug 22, 2006.

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    I use anvil and at the end of the day i can copy my trades and all the info about them such as the price i bought it, the # of shars, which stock which time, etc. i can paste it into an excel or txt file.

    Is there any software out there that can filter my data each for certain critia like. see how much i make on average from 10am to 11am. my highest % winners on a certain stock. how my stats were for the month. what price stocks i trade best, or even if a stock is at its 52 week high how well i trade it or stocks with unusual volume. all these for instances. is there anything out there that will do this for me?
  2. interested too
  3. There is a great software that can do alot for you. this includes analysing your trades, profit, losses and identifying how you can improve them with better money management and trade frequency..

    hope it provides what you're looking for. but not sure about specific time hour issues, you probably have to program that yourself..


  4. I am looking for something similar: a program that allows me to enter my (multi-day) swing trades, import historical data for the instruments traded, and then produces an equity curve that I can import in other software for subsequent analysis. It is important that each point on the equity curve represents equidistant points in time (e.g. days, hours) rather than trades.
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    i ve searched long and hard, nothing so far. easiest way would be to make an MS access program and set up all the stuff u want it to do and categors, major work.