You trade from home, do you have a biz card ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by guy990opl, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. When someone asks me what I do I tell them that I am a full time trader for options and stocks which is the truth. I am proud and happy about it.

    Most people will ask if I work for an institution, if I have an office and when I say no they asssume that I am some sort of a loser.

    The funny thing is that I make more money in a day than most of the people who give me the look make in a week.

    Here is my question:

    If you are a trader, not daytrader, not sommeone who trades as a hobby ok, you are a full time trader, but you work from home. You treat your job like a business and you are doing quite well...

    if you have a business card, what does it say ?
  2. Why do you exclude day trading?
  3. No I do not have a buisness card, I actually did in like 1999 but realized I am not trying to raise money form anyone and do it all for myself. So there is no need for one, people can think what they want. But you know inside the truth and you make money and thats enough!
  4. Nothing wrong with daytrading it is just not my case and I could not say/write that if I had a biz card.

    I just thought it would be better if I had one, I want to be honest about that I do I am proud of it, but I really don't know what to write on a biz card...any ideas ?
  5. I am a daytrader and have been since 97 so I wouldnt exclude it either, it is an honest living and my own business.
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    no business card.. since there is no need. People will think what they think, who cares. If they ask, I'm a trader, pure and simple.
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    if you form an entity for tax purposes, do you have to name it?
  8. Same for business card since my business doesn't involve dealing with any other people.

    I've thought that it would be nice to have a card for the simple purpose of exchanging phone and email info with someone.

    When someone asks what I do, I simply say that I'm a trader. This of course leads to more questions. I've actually found people seem more impressed that I do work from home with my own capital as opposed to working for a firm.

    If I was to get a card, it would just say Trader. Or perhaps you could make it more interesting, Financial Speculator, Professional Risk Taker, Prophet Money Man, Cash Machine Operator, etc
  9. bugscoe,

    thank you so much !

    As you write my only reason to have a card is to exchange phone/email with someone, just like you I don't have to deal with people and I am sure you can understand how good that can be.

    I like professional risk taker lol
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    .. or "international man of risk and intrigue"
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