You think the next coming bailout is ALREADY priced into all the markets??!

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You think the next coming bailout is ALREADY priced into all the markets??

  1. Yes its way overdone, weaking pull back coming!

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  2. Slightly overdone, gna fall slightly.

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  3. No, its going to rise more and for short term future

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  4. Still got a few more 100pips to go in strengthing! +New trend when bill passes

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  1. Aloha people, im just curious on everyones views as to whether you think the 2nd attempt coming bailout (and it passing) is already fully priced into the markets??

    Because on Dow we had 700pip drop, so a big big crash.
    Next day we end up over 400pips...!! :eek: :confused:

    So really all we are down as a result of the bailout failing is 300pips, which is nothing unusual in just another day of the dow.

    I trade crude oil not indicies, but oils just following indicies.

    Yesterday in oil we have a $10 crash as result of bailout, slides $2.5 more in asia/1st 2hours after open, but then it rose nearly $8s!!!
    (So closed up $5 on the day).

    But the 1 and ONLY thing this rise is based on is this ''hope'' that 'the next coming bailout bill will not only pass but then save and reverse the economy too'!

    Who are these people who actually think that though??? :eek: :confused:
    And how the fuk did such dumb idiots manage to get the amount of money to be able to move the market with their trades??!! :eek: :p

    Im curious if you all think that this ''hope'' is now fully priced in, if not over bought even, and that as soon as the bill actually passes we gan see fall/tiny rally then fall??

    Or you think uptill and when the bill passes we will see more rising, and then after that will be the next short - midterm trend direction??
  2. Why no-one ever posted in my big question threads with a poll?? lol :confused: :D

    But fill up 100s of other thread with non-market related nonsense, or just repeating what everyone else has said 20x
  3. *BUMP*