you think republicans are anti big brother. think again.

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  1. they like to use fearmongering to strip away your freedoms:

    republican: "But Graham argued that the military needs to be empowered to grab anyone, including citizens, to ensure the country remains safe."

    democrat: Feinstein also insisted that the military is not the answer to every safety issue, especially if using the armed forces means establishing new infringements on liberty.

    "This constant push that everything has to be militarized ... I don't think that creates a good country," Feinstein said. "Because we have values, and due process of law is one of those values. And so I object, I object to holding American citizens without trial. I do not believe that makes us more safe."
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    Lindsey Graham is a piece of shit. He reminds me of McCain, he has never seen a war he doesnt want to get into.
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    I really wish buy American would catch on in a BIG but unofficial, undocumented way.
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    What disturbs me most when I read articles like that, is the fact that it wouldnt have been 1 random whacko who made this decision, there was probably an entire panel of lunatics working for the government, who decided that this was a good idea.

    If it was just 1 random nut who made the decision, to do this you could shrug and say, "that guys crazy." But its pretty tough to comprehend that an entire group of people thought something like this made sense.