You, the trader vs. Trump's Apprentice

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Fight Club, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Would you trade your career as a trader with Bill, the newly crowned Trump's Apprentice?

    Would you give up your freedom and all you went through, to become Trump's poodle in corporate america...

    p.s. couldn't resist the temptation to start this thread...:D
  2. sammybea


    Thats actually a great question.. would you give up your trading to be Trump's Apprentice. Honestly, not a chance in hell. Like Trump himself has said, you have to love what you are doing to succeed. Wouldn't give this up for the world.
  3. fan27


    Wasn't it obvious Bill was going to win? I certainly thought so.
  4. Guys,

    the show hasn't appeared in Australia yet, but it sounded pretty interesting. Was it a good series? - I mean some of these reality programs are pretty average. Was it worth watching?

  5. The best so far...
  6. Ebo


    The best part was Omarosa getting caught with Kwame's apprentice in her mouth backstage!
  7. Mecro


    Honestly, hell yeah.

    In fact I would trade place with most of them because of the immense exposure they got which adds up to more easy money making opportunities. Screw Trump and that personal assistant job, it's all about exposure. As it was stated, they have all got numerous lucrative job offers even though most of them did not show a bit of quality.

    If the biggest bitch and liar of the show can get opportunities in magazine and TV, then anyone with a quarter of a brain can capitalize greatly on the show's success.

    The power of American television. Gotta be amazed.
  8. Well, you can still apply for Apprentice 2.
    Anyway thanks for your honesty, brother...

  9. Mecro


    Nope, those auditions are done. New season is under way. Apprentice 3? Maybe if I make a mil in a year. :p

    I don't think they would pick me cause I cannot take Trump seriously. I would end up telling to his face what really is up instead of the ass kissing he gets from everyone.
  10. This is exactly the reason why I started this thread...
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