You snooze, you lose trading the news

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  1. Hey guys

    Trying to pull together some resources for news trading. Bloomberg and Reuters are just of my price league, wonder if people can suggest sources of news feeds, streams etc that I can use to create bloomberg/reuters level of speed but without the accuracy.

    I know it will never be as good, but whats the closest us poor retail traders can get?

  2. Dont bother trading the news. Save yourself the time, the headache, and the money.
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    Trade the chart.
  4. Don't listen to Konviction, you can make a TON of money trading the news, it's my bread and butter. There are traders on the desk today that made well over $100,000 on ARST. Good luck if you were short because the MACD was turning down or some other crap ahead of the news. I like TradeTheNews, Bloomberg, Briefing etc.
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    Just turn on CNBC at 10 AM EDT and see what the news was. Someone on ET said they trade into economic reports but I think most of us avoid such times. If you are talking about stock news or shock news, good luck.
  6. Need it text based more than anything. I have CNBC on in the background
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    I don't know what the minimum balance is (used to be $500) but Scottrade provides Dow Jones news (DJNS) for free for account holders.

    A number of years ago I used DJNS on TD Ameritrade @ $39,95 a month. Scottrade was a much better deal (g) but the nice thing about TD was that you could enter up to 100 symbols (5 lists of 20, each with its own color) so if there was news, they would appear on the screen in that color. It made it easier to spot symbols of interest as they scrolled (regularly traded fav's or earnings releases). I have no clue if it's still the same price or even offered at all.

    Good luck
  8. anymore you can name?
  9. Yes, of course!. We all know the markets follow what the MACD does. lol!.
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