you ride on the highway, which lane?

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    when you ride on the highway, which lane do you choose in order to avoid traffic? I noticed that on the days I choose the wrong lane, i.e. get stuck, I also do bad with the markets. When I choose the correct lane, it also works out with trading. of course, one could choose to depart earlier and be ahead of the traffic :)

    any similar experiences?

  2. There ya go, don't trade on the daze you can't get into seventh gear for several clicks.
  3. Yes. I have noticed some correlation between my approach to the morning traffic flow and my trading that day. When you know your reactions are a bit slow or you are impatient or easily enraged it pays not to switch lanes too often, if at all. You are always trading your road position but often the best play is Hold.

    I'm striving to be a calmer, better driver every day. The ladies love it, they dislike misdirected macho aggression, IME.

    (Of course analogies like this will be shot down in flames as being Incorrect according to someone. Oh well.)
  4. What doesn it mean if I walk :confused:
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    it means you won't reach the destination today.
  6. I do believe there is a correlation between the two and have always wondered whether anybody else had picked up on this. The way a person drives is a reflection of their own personality and their ability to foresee events either before they happen or based on prior experience.

    I don't think it's so much as which lane you choose, but which lanes you jump in and out of at any given time based on various factors.

    By the way, hitting the road earlier is NOT an option!!

  7. OMG, I must be one sick puppy. I've reflected on this very thing while driving up and down 270 (near D.C.) every day for the last 8 years.

    I made some observations of traffic patterns that I also believe are analogous to the markets.

    1) People seem to blindly cut across the road for the so-called "fast lane" regardless of volume. By strategically staying in the right lane in the right areas, I end up way ahead of the fast-laners.

    2) There's a stretch of 270 where the road narrows from 3 lanes to 2 (the right lane disappears). The herd is either already in the "fast lane" or moving left to bail from the disappearing lane 1 mile in advance. I stubbornly stay in the right lane all the way to where it ends with few if any cars in front of me. I end up in front of 90% of the herd this way and lop 5 minutes off my commute. (Yes, people think I'm a dick doing this. I call it "traffic arbitrage".)

    3) Every year when the new school year starts, 270 and its feeders become literally gridlocked for about a month. During this period I have several back ways I take to work and completely avoid the gridlock. When this period is over, I return to 270 and the traffic is gone. I have no explanation for what causes this, but nonetheless I observed it and anticipate it every year to my advantage.


    The herd mentality on the highway can be observed every day. It's unwavering and unthinking. There are strategies that can be employed to exploit the herd mentality to my advantage.

    All I need to do is apply observation skills to the market and find similar herd movements to exploit to make money.
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    When I was younger, always the left. Now the middle or someties the right hand lane, and of course the left if I am in a hurry.

    The prettier the day, the more likely I am on the right hand lane with the top down.

  9. I've also observed that there's no correlation between lane position and gender, age, or race.
  10. On a side note, I also find that there is a 100% correlation between which lane I choose and which lane the milf is in. I usually take the lane to the right of the milf, which makes it awkward when they are in the rightmost lane. Pedestrians on the sidewalk don't take it so well :D
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