you reap what you saw?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by traderkay, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. First a little info. Do you know what the primary ideology behind fundamentalist (talking about Sunni, not Shiite) Islam is? Well, it's called Wahhabism. The basic idea is to get back to the stone ages Taliban style because that's when Islam was pure; all the "innovations" are hated. Pretty much, all the Al-Qaeda-affiliated fundamentalist armed Islamic groups doing jihad, subscribe to this vision of Islam... like the Taliban, the Abu-Sayaf in the Phillipines, in Chechnya, Ansar-al-Islam in Iraqi Kurdistan, in Kashmir etc. etc.

    Wahhabi movement was founded by Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi. Now this is a quote from this web site

    "Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi was spoon feed and supported by the British Government who were looking for rebellious people like Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi to destroy the Islamic Caliphate from within its self. (Read the 'Confessions of a British spy' for a detailed account of Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi's partnership with the British)."

    "Confessions of a British Spy" can be found here:

    Now I do not know if the confessions are authentic or some kind of a fake propaganda. That's why I put the "?" in the thread title. But I lean towards believing it. This definitely sounds like something the British would do. Just recall what the British did with the Chinese and the opium.

    Now provided this theory is true. Wouldn't it be ironic that the British assisted (or in fact created?!) the birth and spread of the most extreme and fanatical movement in Sunni Islam?