You poster, yes you, why do you take it so seriously

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by original, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. I got news for you

    if you feel the genuine need to argue and defend your alias

    you got problems bigger than not knowing how to trade
  2. I will bring you sanity if you let me

    I will also introduce for the first time a strategy on ET called SCT

    you guys will be impressed
  3. maxpi


    I had sanity once, I remember it, it was nice.. then I discovered ET. Typically I take nothing seriously however and feel it only fair that others do the same
  4. OMG, what a pussy you are mr COLD. I thought you left, but now I see you are back. And just like T28 alias guy you too are obsessed with SCT.

    what is with you two, were you siamese twins seperated at birth?

  5. I leave ET and come back

    but I bet you are a real loser cokie, on ET 24 hr per day

    you are sad man, summer is here, go out

    I know you don't have money but just go for a walk eh
  6. No you are the guy who promised to leave FOR GOOD, but you cannot even keep your word on that. Who is the weak man now?? :p