You people don't stand a chance, it took 3 years to learn just basics

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  1. not a chance

    none of you

    after learning basics which took years, then it took years to learn what is probability

    how to test probability

    what is normal for probability and what isn't

    bottom line is, you average blocks don't stand a chance
  2. well if I can do it maybe you can too...right ??


    you can't

    I had free time on my side

    I had above average reasoning skills on my side

    I had start up money on my side

    I had above average computer skills on my side (was a hacker)

    so no you can't do it

  3. ATLien


    May I offer you an ice COLD beer, the breakfast of champions?
  4. achilles28


    How much do u make per day? Or per week? Whatever.

    Lay it on us.
  5. I actually got myself a beer from the fridge and am drinking it now

    Stella Artois in case you wanna know my favorite

    I am not a blind follower of brand, it really is a good import.
  6. working with 300 k I do from 500 to 4.5 k a day

    it depends, I can only take what market gives me
  7. wartrace


    My goodness, don't we have a high opinion of ourselves.
  8. must be a slow learner....only took me 6 months or so to turn profitable.
  9. I think he's my 5th or 6th COLD alias on ignore.

    Mods, just ban his IP.
  10. The basics? LoL, like the difference between buy and sell? How to run your charting software and how to set up hotkeys :D

    I agree with some are ssslllooowww :)

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