You must think like a Jew to make money?

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  1. A prospective customer -a very old man-, told me that the stock market is dominated by Jews, so until they get out, there's no chance to make money.
    And blah, blah, blah, stocks are like playing poker, a friend lost 50%, etc.

    However this got me thinking, you should actually think like a Jew to make money?
  2. clacy


    It helps to have the attitude that you would "drop off your own grandmother in the 'hood for a buck".

    Most Jews I know have this attitude. Not all, but many.
  3. jem


    I find it so ironic - that as democrats and liberals attempt to breakdown the christian culture that has allowed jews to flourish in this country - they are going to be faced with the true consequences of their actions.

    Over the next twenty years our new less christian society is going to become virulently anti jewish.

    I for one feel bad for jews - but I was so worn down by the bullshit liberals were producing about christians - I have lost my will to support Isreal and I am losing my desire to fight for jews rights as well.

    I am sure soon - other educated Catholics and Christians will not care either.

    You fuck with our culture and you will reap the rewards. I do not say this we glee... I say it with sadness.
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    you are not familiar with the italians who trade on the floor of the amex. they would sell their mothers for their penny. they are mostly streetwise guys from brooklyn. they and not as quite streetwise jews dominate the floor.
    maybe some of the them even intermarry. just joking.

    "Most Jews I know have this attitude. Not all, but many."
    not going to argue with your belief but you sound like a loser blaming others for your failings.
  5. And if it were not for them, then everybody would be making money? There would be no losers?
  6. How would moving to a West Bank compound, growing peyot, wearing a black overcoat, and praying with phylacteries help you make money?
  7. What if jews simply do the "right things"? People say that jews gravitate to certain fields (Doctors/Lawyers/Bankers/Jewelers/Scientists etc.) but never (Carpenters/Plumbers/Farmers) etc.

    When I was in high school, I watched a Nazi propaganda video concerning jews in class. I could not help but feel the idiocy of that video.

    It criticized Jews because "they did not want to work honestly with their hands". So what? Why be a farmer and spend all your life toiling, dealing with dirt and barely squeaking out a profit?

    Why not be a respectable member of society, drive a mercedes, live in a good neighborhood and enjoy life without living paycheck to paycheck?

    I am not jewish but I feel the same way. I will steer my children away from trade careers and into (Doctors/Lawyers/Bankers/Scientists/Engineers/Architects, etc). Now if some high school drop out joe sixpack in idaho feels it is snobbish of me to do so he can go screw himself.

    N.B Some people just want to work with their brains and not their hands, society should take advantage of those people and let them blossom.
  8. Jews are smart. There is a lot to be learned from them.

    They love money. A concept not taught in your normal family.
  9. You should think like a predator to make money.

  10. Hey I'm Irish Catholic. Do I think like I'm Irish? I honestly have no clue.
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