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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Swan Noir, May 30, 2012.

  1. The guy says they won't cash him out and send his balance to him and he has requested it repeatedly over six months. Yet his rating for their overall reliability is a 2.

    What do you need to do to him for him to give you the lowest grade?

  2. JamesL


    Cannon is just an ib - why not go directly to the FCM if the broker won't process the request? The money is held at the FCM anyway, not the ib.

    Smells like b.s.
  3. The guys is obviously stark raving mad!!!

  4. I bet his emails end up in the spam folder for some sort of reason - happens. 6 months without calling them or contacting the FCM smells of incompetence of the customer.
  5. It is way beyond incompetence if it happened at all ... he's a nut!

  6. I stumbled across this post about Cannon Trading and I know this post is old but I wanted to post something because Cannon is my broker and has been for the past few years. I took a break from trading for about 3 years to save up some risk capital so I can start trading again. I recently came back to Cannon Trading using the E-Futures platform, what I previously used before I took a sabbatical from trading. The platform is great. I can both day trade and trade future options all in one platform and the platform is FREE.

    With my specific broker, I have never had an issue with my broker the years I have been with Cannon Trading Company. When I have requested funds my broker was always responsive and I would either receive funds the same day or next day. Also any questions I have ever had about my account or my statement or even the trading platform, my broker has always been there too help. I think @Swan Noir, you should have followed up with your broker with a phone call just to make sure your broker received your request. Cannon Trading has always provided me with great service when need be. I would still recommend Cannon to anyone who is looking to trade futures.
  7. I'm not the one having a problem with them. I have never had an account with them. Reread the posts and you will know more.