You must Buy INTC now!!!

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  1. Buy Intel (INTC) now @ 17.72!!! Intel's new Core 2 Duo chips blow away AMD's current offerings (Athlon X2) in almost every benchmark (gaming, applications, power consumption). AMD won't have much new to offer for at least a few months. All it can do is cut its prices, but it may be too late.

    Surveying most computer gaming/performance/OCking web boards, ethusiasts are lining up to buy Intel's Core 2 Duo chips. I anticipate heavy preordering and sold out inventories.

    Intel hasn't seen its stock price this low since the Spring of 2003. With a ttm P/E of 13.78 the stock is a screaming bargain.

    I can see the stock price rise to mid-20s at least within 6-9 months.

    Drop everything and buy Intel now!!!
  2. what is this?

    an infomercial?

    hope it works out for you...
  3. If you don't believe me, check out the reviews pouring in from PC magazine, PC World, HardOCP, Extremetech, Anantech etc. They are overwhelmingly positive and give props to Intel for finally coming up with a processor to compete with AMD. But this time, their offering beat AMD, not just match them.
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    Isn't it a bad sign?

    INTC next stop $14.00
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    I'm quite bullish on Intel's forthcoming products, but I think that right now would be a pretty risky time to take a position (right before earnings). I had taken on a position a couple of weeks back or so, but was stopped out early this week.
  6. i'm not disagreeing with you. i hope the trade works out for you.

    i just don't see the logic in basing a trading decision off of that alone. i would need more catalysts...particularly in volume and price action. but you may know something others dont.

    or already be in over-your-head...
  7. I see the odds thusly: 10 points up to 2 points down (or a target of $27 v. $15)

    Sure you can wait a bit, but by the time analysts take note an upgrade Intel v. AMD you probably will have missed a good chunk of the upside gain.
  8. funny how some magazines get paid to publish a particular article / findings.

    funny that some larger companies have committed to using the amd processors and have dropped the intel ones

    and by the way - prices for intel cpu's are only low because they are under pressure from a competitor

    still remember the days when the release of a processor by intel was postponed for marketing purposes because they were able to milk the old cpu a bit longer

    this whole thing sounds too much like a "bait and switch" to me and am avoiding it like the plague

    don't be surpised if some very bad figures come out at earnings

    tell you why - my laptops are 3.5 years old, at the time they were at the end of their release cycle, meaning the design is almost 5 years old. recently started to hunt around for replacements and the best i can find has only a 100% increase in performance. what to do? buy the fastest cpu in the cpu family that my laptop belonged to and got for a tenth of the price a 45% increase in raw performance. got intel application accelerator which enabled a form of hidden hyperthreading on the cpu - export / import in global server of 100 million rows went from 27 minutes to 4 and a half minutes. bought a new hard disk and replaced the screen. hearing the same all over - businesses not replacing their pc's because their is no economic justification.....

    vital analitics
  9. I'm in the same boat (4 yr old machine) but the damn thing is about 20-30% short of having enough power to play HD-DVD rips in realtime. DELL/INTC will be gettting more of my money in the short term.

    I do agree that businesses have no need to upgrade and Intel's past quarter is probably a mess.
  10. Is it CPU bound or is it IO bound? If IO bound then what vital analitics mentioned: the Intel application accelerator may make a big difference. If capable of hyperthreading then make sure it is enabled, my younger brother recently was doing some schoolwork and had trouble with rendering and I noticed that it was not enabled It made all the difference between long time and crashing and accpetable perfromance.

    Further turn off the unnecessary visual candy on your PC (if running XP), it can make just the difference between able to cope and not. Assume you have enough memory.

    Just check out and their tuning tips, have written about this before.

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