You must be quick in the markets if you are day trading

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  1. One morning, I had a little chat with Harry, my gardener. He is also a martial arts instructor with many years of experience. I’ve been interested in learning about Krav Maga, the Israeli defense method made up of the best of many martial arts techniques. I have in the past been a student of Tae Kwan Do. I asked Harry about Krav Maga, and he said, “Look, it’s the same with all martial arts – it has to become second nature. You have to be able to act without thinking. If you stop to think, it is too late.

    Then Harry said something that made me realize that what he said is what I’ve been doing in my own trading and also in what I’ve been teaching for many years. Harry said, “in order for something to become second nature to you, you have to repeat it thousands of times. That’s why in Tae Kwan Do, you punch, and punch repeatedly, until the action pattern moves from your conscious mind to your sub-conscious mind. Then, the ability to punch without thinking becomes a reaction.”

    It is no different with trading. For me it has become trading has become a reaction. I don’t have to think about it much anymore. I’ve done it so many times, that I am able to trade what I see.

    It is also why I repeat the same way of managing my trades over and over again. Day in and day out. I describe to you exactly what I have done. I know that when I say such things some people think I’m holding back. I know that some want something more complicated. But it isn’t complicated. It is simple. I keep punching, just the way Harry described. And, it is my belief you must do the same. Once you have the formula, the method, you must practice the punching.

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  2. Very true. It's very similar to a bio-feedback mechanism. This is also why lots of our special ops men train so hard and so often. It comes really handy when the market moves way fast and you don't have time to think at all just react. The floor traders even take this up a notch by being able to respond instantly to any news, reports etc. So many people forget that "you must train hard, to fight easy."
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  5. You get money for this?
  6. Is it the same Joe Ross than this one ?
    Joe Ross' "Law of Charts" is one of the best summaries of basic price action that I have come across. It takes every possible type or price movement and defines it in terms of the lowest common denominator. Great for understanding what the market is really made up of. This is courtesy of .

    Adobe Acrobat version here:

    Then he has sometimes interesting things to say :D
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    Patience is much more important.

    The speed of which you can hit NX is a big plus but NX monkeys are rarely successful.
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    wow! you have a martial arts instructor as your gardener, who you hire for a butler.
  9. It's funny how people react to posts differently to exactly the same subject. :D

    Repetition, The Mother of Success and Failure. RAMOUTAR REPORT VOLUME 10

    When will you stop herding I wonder ...
  10. Patience is important AND speed is important or you have never executed a real trade and undergo slippage for example. Being able to react with speed doesn't mean to react like a monkey at each moment, it means being able to react WHEN it is needed and WITHOUT HESITATION. That's the PROBLEM NUMBER ONE OF MANY PEOPLE. When it comes to ACT they just FREEZE. Why ? Because they didn't prepare to act SWIFTLY. After that they see the train leave the station and they regret.

    The question after that is How: the answer is Repetition.

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