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  1. Most of the "Trading" posts now are S2007S hysterically ranting about news items, and GrandStuperCycle putting up stupid "analysis" that he reverses calls on sometimes within an hour. Throw in a few fanatics like Denner, the nutbars like Nitro, and the half brain dead types like TradingJournals, its like your site has become a parody of what a trading site should be, only the jokes on anyone who actually believes the crap posted.

    ( Bonus : The Economic thread remains a haven for literally insane people )

    I'm astonished at how poor this site has become. Apparently, you actually need a few people to counterpoint the lunacy at times to even have trading ideas presented. But I've given up, who needs the abuse from degenerate idiots who have no common sense ? And I think you've lost many more people.

    Honestly, how many times are you going to have some idiot on EliteTrader claim we never left a "bear market" ? Do these people even understand the term nevermind say something intelligent about trading ? Or how about posters like "Denner" who state that "95% of people are permabulls" but in actual fact represent the kind of absurd fanatacism in reverse ? How ironic is that ?

    Might as well bring Bearice back he's a lot closer in nature to your regulars then a real trader is.

    Free world you can ignore my feedback but I'm quite sure I'm close enough to the truth here to make both yourself and sponsors very uncomfortable.
  2. Gone long have we?
  3. Quit your bitching and leave already. Believe me nobody will miss your perma-bullshit.
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    The reason denner calls you a "permabull", is that is the only item you post, much like some bears on the site. Macro backdrop is very dicey, so I would suggest you give them some leeway, and treat that bad case of nerves you seem to have.
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    Nine, I feel your pain, brother! I'm being forced to stay here by some unknown people who wave sledge hammers outside my door. They tell me I must keep logging on to or they will destroy my keyboard.

    Is this also happening to you?
  6. I have posted several bearish calls on this site on specific equities and situations. One of those posts was late May 2011.
    Does it not occur to you though in a prolonged bull market that posting predominantly bullish trading ideas is being on the right side of the market ?

    Fact is, at least 80% of calls I made on this site were successful trading ideas. And almost every single idea attracted unwarranted heat from people trying to shove their counter trending bias on what the market was actually doing.

    This was then followed by a stage where an attempt was made to invent ideas and trades I supposably posted, or to take posts out of context and ignore what occurred in markets over many months. This is where I give up. I have no desire to fight phantom battles with mostly bad analysts and traders.

    Now I see even in Feedback people bring the action down here and the "Trading" and "Economics" sections are like dead zones of constant crap. Anyone who thinks they can derive any value from what is being posted recently in those sections is kidding themselves.
  7. Interesting how you decided the "Feedback" section required your attention.
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    :confused: HUH???:confused:
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    Wow, someone give you a Rear_Ender?
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