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  1. The Stuff hit the fan today in DC. LEH was the icing on the cake. The polliticians can't take it anymore, and they want to hang Christopher Cox. It takes a lot to get those guys off their own wallets, and we have a big opportunity.

    The comments were "are we supposed to bail out the entire country? Who's running this show?" One congressman was so bombarded with irate emails, he just exploded at Cox.

    If you believe as I do, that the financial system is teetering because of greed and stupidity, PLEASE, email your representatives. Patrick Byrne has spend tens of millions of dollars of his own money pressing this point, and he's been threatened with murder and ridiculed for his trouble. If you want a place to trade, if you want a fighting chance,, then just email your representatives. Tell them what ever you want. Tell they get rid of Cox. Tell them to pound salt. But let them know your views. I'll even help you out

    Thanks. If you don't want to, don't pepper me with diatribes. Just go away.
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    The financial system is teetering because of a huge unsustainable debt bubble run up during Greenspans watch.

    The govt is now desperately trying to keep the bubble from collapsing into deflation which can only be done with more debt.

    Rock, meet hard place.

  3. Why are you emotional about this?
  4. Maybe I know things you don't. Ever think of that? Ever think that because of researching, calling around for what, ten years, I might have an idea of how close to a precipice we are?

    If you don't want to do it, just don't do it. But if you can't look at UAUA, and see this is out of control, can't help you.
  5. It was a smiple question, asked without pretense. People emotional over economics are usually emotional traders. That is why I was asking, not because of UA. If depression is coming, what good will you do by stressing over it? Make money, save it for the long haul, no worries.
  6. How bout instead, we make an effort to put the fire out before the building burns to the ground? Look around, there are more people in the room besides you.

    We have a chance here to make a difference. End this mess a day early, we may save a company working on a cancer cure, and some jobs, and some lives............. I watched them kill one with a drug that a Dr. told me saved lives. Didn't matter.

    I beg people in power every day. But Wall St. is stuck. Some have no place to go. They have so many fails, they can't buy them back. But they did it. They have to buy them back. They have to let the market function freely, and not rob it of it's lifeblood. And the SEC has been a total failure. So, help me finish it. What else have you got to do?
  7. Poor to moderately wealthy, we are all citizens... peasants, to them. Do you really think DC is listening to what you or I want? They got elected by what they told us, and that was the end of their care for our wants. Does anyone actually believe that DC still listens to citizens? Does anyone believe that politics is not planned out to the T, with every option also mapped out for response?

    Honestly, I applaud your energy, but you will make the most difference in your own community, making a difference in people's lives, instead of fighting a battle you cannot win. If the powers that be want to prop up the economy instead of actually fix the problems in it, they are not asking your opinion on it, and will follow the instructions given them by people with more money and power than them.

    DC hasn't asked your opinion since the last election. THAT is your power as a citizen, to make a 'difference' in who runs this place. On every other calendar day, DC is pleased with you to just shut up, work your job and pay half of your wages to the government in some form.

    Look, I am not saying you are wrong about the issues you point out. If there was power to change that I would, but why waste time worrying about things out of your control? Have I given up? Given up on what? On what I never had control over in the first place? I am old enough to recognize a worthy cause, and a losing battle is not one of them.

    Live life, vote responsibly, give back to my community and grow old someday with dozens of grandchildren. Make a difference in people's lives I actually know and want to know in 50 years.
  8. He's basically saying, we're fucked.
  9. I pretty much agree and I don't really care that much. Why expect leaders to start doing a good job considering what has been done to this country over the last oh..... 15 decades.. forget it, if the place collapses try to adapt. I'm sort of searching out a tax haven anyhow, one that is not too urban, not within the reach of horribly aggressive governments /revolutionaries, not too corrupt, great weather... except for the tax part that's Santa Barbara California but hey....
  10. We have won. I told you. I know more than you. The question is, how quickly we can dot the i's and cross the t's. That's why I put this forum here.Whether or not they fold today, or tomorrow, we won. But the quicker, the less blood. Do you feel like bailing out Lehman brothers? The shorts will take it to 2, where they can't raise capital, and then they hunt Merrill. Remember, in March, Fuld knew he was next.

    I won't get into a debate about whether or not they are worth. They slammed my State w/ subprime paper. That's not the point. We can't get money from a non entity. It's about letting free markets work.

    Already, hundreds of letters are pouring in.

    I'll bet you guys a steak dinner that before the end of the week, there will be tangible proof we won.
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